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Virtual WiFi 3.2.1

Virtual WiFi Router for Windows

Report bugs of Virtual WiFi

Virtual Wifi, although is a simple program, is far for being perfect, and could have errors when run on different versions of Windows, especially on recent ones, appeared after Windows 8. The program uses multiple Windows services and the wireless adapter configuration, together with other settings that exists in the registry system. All this factors can lead to cases which were not foresight in the developing stage of the program, thus the program could show errors or cannot create a hotspot that can be successfully accessed from other computers or portable devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

In the current version a lot of bugs and problems was fixed, but some bugs may still exist, in which the program will have problems in doing all its functions. This page is dedicated for reporting errors of any kind.

If the program don't start, shows error messages with general subject - without giving indications to a possible solution to solve the problem -, suddenly stops or does not accomplish the operations initiated by the user then it's clear that the problem is an incompatibility of the program with the current state of the operating system.

Using the comment form from below to describe as detailed as possible the occurred problem: what messages appears, how the error or problem acts, or even make some screenshots of the program when the problem occurs if possible. Additionally, you must also specify some details about the environment in which the program is running, for example the Windows version, the type of Internet connection - it is a LAN, wireless or a USB modem connection -, the name of the producer of the wireless adapter board or any other information that you consider relevant.

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