About the developer, the website and the available software

About me

I'm a Romanian Software Developer and I am responsible for designing, developing, and updating this website and the software it contains. These programs are offered free of charge and are usually built to fit my needs and interests, but you will probably find them useful as well.

Also, I post articles and tutorials on my blog (adibarbu.ro) in Romanian about computers, tech, web, software, blogging, and other topics.

About the site

This website is a public software collection and my portfolio as well. The development of new programs and the maintenance of the existing software are my free time tasks so, the process is quite slow. If you like my work and want to support it, then you can make donations / contributions which will speed up the process.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with all the information required to understand and use the available software and, of course, to serve as a source for downloading the software.

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About the software

Whenever I develop programs or tools to help me to do my tasks, or to fulfill others' software needs, I share them here to make it accessible to everyone.

If you like any software on this website, then you can contribute to its development and utility by translating it into other languages, reporting bugs, or suggesting improvements. You can also share the information regarding its use with your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or on your website, which will boost the software popularity.

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About software security and safety

The software products on this website are free from viruses or malware, as long as you download it from this site or other official pages on external sites such as SourceForge, Softpedia, and others which belongs to me. Whenever I create or update a program, I check it first with my local antivirus (Bitdefender) and, make a general virus scan online, using VirusTotal.com to validate the safety of the software.

I observed that some antiviruses from VirusTotal.com show that my software contains malware or viruses. These are not main companies like Bitdefender, Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, Avira, Panda, etc. but are less-popular antiviruses. Those are merely false positives, and they shouldn't be a reason for concern. All messages and alerts about my software are wrong, being a result of an unreliable mechanism for virus detection or malware behavior, in general.

Scheduled work

The work listed below is scheduled to get completed in the future.

a. Translate the website into Romanian.

b. Software – Virtual WiFi Router for Windows:

  • Update the program with new languages translated by the contributors - French, Polish, Vietnamese, Spanish .
  • Show the name and type (desktop or mobile) of the connected devices, not only the IP and MAC addresses.
  • Add the ability to minimize to tray .
  • Add the feature of quantity measurement for data traffic that has been sent and received using the hotspot, in general, or by each connected device.
  • Add the functionality of record-keeping for the connected users and the created hotspots.
  • Perform file transfers between connected computers.
  • Create an Android mobile application that can interact with the program and allow the data transfer between multiple computers and portable devices (smartphones and tablets), not just between computers.

c. Software – Timer and Stopwatch Application:

  • Launch the first version .
  • Extend the program compatibility to Linux Ubuntu.

Some features mentioned above may not be implemented so the list should not be taken as a fact.


You can support my work by making donations. Visit the Donation page for further details.

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