All the available software

Virtual WiFi (v3.2.1)

Virtual WiFi is a free program that enables software facilities to create Wi-Fi networks using only the PC Wireless Adapter Card, thus eliminating the need to use a physical router.

The resultant Wi-Fi network (hotspot) can be either local (Ad hoc), that can be used to connect multiple computers for file transfer between computers or to use a computer as a server (for sharing a service, program or hardware, such as a printer), or one that shares the computer Internet connection with various devices including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and others.

Chrono Tasker (v1.0)

With Chrono Tasker you can temporize tasks (actions), set alarm clocks and simple timers. Also, you can stopwatch activities by specifying the start and end moments.

Available triggering options: display a message, play a beep or .wav file, execute a program, script, or Command Prompt commands, restart, shutdown, and hibernate the computer, lock OS by showing the login screen (without user disconnection), sign out user, open a document or media file, and open web links in the browser.

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