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Virtual WiFi 3.2.1

Virtual WiFi Router for Windows


Name: Virtual WiFi
Description: Virtual WiFi Router for Windows
Status: In progress (new versions to be released in the future)
Donations will speed up the process of development
Latest version: v3.2.1 - installer
v2.9.5 - portable
File name: VirtualWiFiSetup-3.2.1.exe - installer - portable
File size: 2.3 MB (2,370,204 bytes) - installer
2.02 MB (2,127,234 bytes) - portable
Supported OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (32 / 64-bit)
Hardware requirements: Wireless adapter, ~ 3 MB free hard-disk space, ~ 10 MB free RAM memory
System requirements: Elevated rights
Languages: English, Romanian, French, Polish, Vietnamese, Spanish
License: Freeware (read EULA)
Latest update: September 6, 2017 - installer
August 17, 2016 - portable
First release: August 19, 2015
Author/Developer: Adi Barbu via softlab
MD5 Checksum: 9de2c4388be98f89de9342f255e0a1f6 - installer v3.2.1
aef729ba852125ca9a24bc2d74c3d651 - portable v2.9.5

Programming details

Languages: C++, Visual Basic Script (VBS), CMD batch
Description: The program uses a series of internal services and commands in Windows to create and manage hotspots, and also to detect connected devices, identified with a device name, IP and MAC addresses. A detailed technical manual will be released sometime in the future.

Additional behavioral details

The program detects changes in the activated hotspot’s state and the number of connected clients by processing the outputs of Command Prompt commands.

These commands will be executed silently at the following refresh rates:
- after every 2 seconds when a hotspot is activated and the tab displayed is 'Connected clients'
- after every 5 seconds when a hotspot is activated and the selected tab is not 'Connected clients'
- after every 7 seconds when the application is minimized to System Tray.

For each refresh, there will be short flashes of Command Prompt (1-2 instances) appearing in the list with active processes in Task Manager. This kind of behavior is quite natural. Possibly, the upcoming versions will be improved so that to eliminate this behaviour.


Jaime Alberto Segura Remicio - translated the program in Spanish

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